HeiHallo is

An agency that helps people and businesses with branding and succeeding on the internet.

We're are based in(but not limited to) Oslo, Norway.
So yes, we speak Norwegian too.

HeiHallo is a small agency, but we're well connected! Our network of partners reaches all around the globe. We've made sure to strengthen our services by teaming up with highly recommended and skilled people who complement us perfectly.

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We develop

Mainly we produce engaging websites and apps. But we can code just about anything. We have a lot of experience with integrating existing systems or building on top of them.
Whether you need to build a brand new API or integrate with an existing one, our team loves getting systems to play nicely together.

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We design

New logo? Some pamphlets? Letterhead you say? Digital and print ads? Or maybe a complete style guide for your brand?

Sure thing! Whatever you need. We got your back!

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And we do plenty more

So please reach out if you have any questions? We're more than happy to answer all of them.

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